• Amir Etemadi is the current face and master tailor at Ettemadis. Despite his university degree in law he has chosen to follow his passion in the craft of tailoring and design. In many ways, this was the inevitable result of on the job training for many years in the field of tailoring. Amir gained this experience and knowledge under the supervision and inspiration from his father, who is also a designer and master tailor.

    Amir has a passion for style and is rightfully titled as: connoisseur of quality and perfection. At the age of 25, his natural talent and taste for beautiful things inspired him to give up his internship to pursue his dream, and with great success. Amir designs, cuts, and tailors together with a team of experienced and professional tailors. Under his supervision, the finest suits, shirts and other garments are cut and made for a broad international clientele.

    Amir also is a personal advisor for his regular clientele. He designs and tailors, elegant fitting contemporary garments. His consults range fromĀ a simpleĀ tie to match a total look, to complete wardrobes and personal styling.

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