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The perfect shirt

Making bespoke shirts is close to our heart, and we have been doing this with great passion since 1952. Our bespoke shirts are handcrafted by our expert shirt makers in our own atelier at Noordeinde in The Hague.

In fact, Ettemadis has been recognized by the renowned Thomas Mason mill as the leading tailoring-house in the Netherlands.

From cutting the fabric to making the very high-quality bespoke shirts, we oversee all aspects of the manufacturing process at our atelier Noordeinde. This allows us to provide the very best fit and finish for the demanding man.

The process

The perfect fit

The perfect fit

Few experiences are more rewarding than putting on a fresh, beautiful bespoke shirt made just for you. Thanks to our accurate measurements, exclusive fabrics and your personal preferences and requests, each bespoke shirt is unique.

Delivery time & visit atelier

The delivery time for our bespoke shirts is generally within four weeks. Is it urgent? Then this can also be done within a few days. Please make sure to let us know immediately.

You can of course always visit our atelier to see how your shirt is being made.

The perfect fit
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