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Congratulations! The big day is coming. Your wedding will undoubtedly be one of the most important occasions of your life. This includes a wedding suit that fits perfectly and matches with your personality, your beloved and the venue.

The big day

The big day

We are happy to consult and help you to look perfect on this unforgettable day. Every year we cut and manufacture wedding suits and tuxedos for the groom and his loved ones, made of course from the finest and latest Italian fabrics.

Your suit is finished with fine details and accessories, leaving no doubt that you will be the best-dressed husband-to-be.

Since no wedding is the same, no two suits should be the same. We make sure you look your best on this big day. We are happy to provide expert advice on the style and colour(s) of your wedding suit.

Perfect for every location

Whether it is a summer beach wedding, a wedding on a beautiful estate or a ceremony in the city, we make sure that your outfit matches the venue. Of course, we take your preferences into account and what you want to express on this memorable day.

The possibilities in the design, the choice of fabrics and colours of your suit and outfit are endless. The fit of your suit is essential. You can leave that to us. We ensure that it becomes a suit that fits perfectly and feels super comfortable to wear.

Perfect for every location
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Shirts, accessories and shoes

An outfit is only finished when the details are on point. This includes a perfectly bespoke shirt, but you can also think of accessories such as a tie or bow, a pocket square and shoes. We advise you on every detail. Would you like to just visit us without any further obligation? You are always welcome; also to simply ask for anything you want. We think it is important that the first meeting feels right for you.

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Whether it's your big day or someone else's, the question remains the same. What are you going to wear?
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