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Make your special moments unforgettable with the undeniable allure of a custom-tailored tuxedo: one of those pieces designed to elevate your appearance above the everyday suit.

A tuxedo is more than just a black suit with a bow tie. The use of silk satin in the jacket and trousers sets it apart. And next to traditional black tuxedo fabrics, we offer a beautiful variety of bold colors and refined patterns, such as luxurious velvet in various dark and lighter shades.

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Let your unique style shine with a festive statement that perfectly matches your special occasion. With us, you are assured of an exceptional and personalized piece that makes your special moments even more memorable.

View an impression of our work below.

Getting married?

She said yes? Congratulations! The question now is: what are you going to wear?

Feel free to visit us, alone or with family and friends, to get answers to all your relevant questions. In the end, of course, it's your biggest party ever. Therefore, a perfectly fitted wedding suit is a must.

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