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How Amir works

Amir wants to offer you excellent service. That is why he works by appointment. By doing this, Amir can give you his full attention. Not only to show you everything and tell you about his profession, but also to get to know you better.

After this, and only if you want to, Amir will take your measurements. It is therefore also possible to solely have a consultation with Amir, completely free of any charge.

Amir adapts to you and your schedule as much as possible. It is important to him that the process is pleasant and hassle-free for you. This from start to finish.

Please note: you can of course visit our store without an appointment. If Amir is present and not in appointment, he will help you to the best of his abilities.

Amir uses the best Italian and English fabrics to make your tailored clothing. Due to this he can meet all your demands and preferences regarding fabrics, colours and designs.

Amir will make sure your personality is translated into a tailor-made garment and that your wardrobe is supplemented in a correct and sustainable way.

Each customer is unique. After Amir has taken your measurements, a personal paper patterns will be made. Our tailors will then make your garments based on this pattern. This way of working has remained unchanged since 1952. This results in a balanced garment that fits perfectly and will change your approach to dressing.

All in all, it is important to Amir that he makes garments for you that you can wear with joy and ease.

Preparing your garment takes a total of 3 to 6 weeks *. Amir will of course check in with you during the process to schedule a follow-up fitting appointment.

During this follow-up fitting appointment, you will see your garment and you can try it on. Amir will than assess the garment for the final refinement. If any finishing touches are required, our own tailors will make sure to finalize that quickly.

It is thanks to this fitting agreement that Amir is sure that you will always be satisfied with the final result.

Amir saves your measurements and preferences. In this way, you can very easily place a new order, even remotely if needed.

* Timing can be affected by fabric and garment choice. If you would like a garment with urgency or for a specific event, please let Amir know during your appointment.

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