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Tailored suits for men

A tailored suit is for men who want to look their best and feel comfortable in their outfit. Having a suit tailor made has the advantage that the suit is designed entirely to your measurements and your personal wishes.

After all, no person is the same. Because every suit is made one of one, you have countless choices at Ettemadis. You do not have to make these choices yourself. Amir, the designer of Ettemadis, will provide you with style advice and will guide you in having your tailor-made suit made.

Contact us to schedule an introduction. During this first conversation you can view previous suits made by us and Amir can provide you with personal style advice.

A first meeting with us will take on average 30 minutes and is completely without obligation.

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You want to have a tailored suit made, but do you already know what your tailored made suit should look like? We are happy to take the time for you to design your suit entirely according to your wishes.

During the tailoring process, Amir will show you all kinds of beautiful fabrics. Especially when it is your first tailored suit, you will notice that this is a special experience. Something every man should have at least experienced once in his life.

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Your wedding suit

Your wedding suit

Your biggest party ever planned in 2022? But what are you going to wear? You're the groom so it's okay to unpack. After all, hopefully you only get married once.

A special occasion such as your wedding requires a special wedding suit. On this day you want to create the perfect look. A tailored suit ensures the perfect fit and at the same time experience comfort during this day.

View examples of our custom wedding suits or schedule an appointment here.


Get inspired with other tailored suits

To give you an idea of the possibilities, Amir, our designer, will be happy to show you suits that have previously been made. Of course, every style, fabric and color are possible. The five most popular suits for men's suits are blue, green, black, grey and beige.

A blue suit for men in particular offers possibilities for variation due to the different shades of blue. Think of a lighter blue fabric as the basis for your spring & summer suit or a navy-blue fabric for your four-season and winter suits.

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Welcome at Ettemadis

Ettemadis is a specialist in tailored clothing for men. You can watch our tailors at work if you wish. At Noordeinde 88, our shop and atelier come together under one roof. We work with the most beautiful fabrics from Italy and England. In addition to tailored suits, we take care of the gentleman’s entire wardrobe. We also make tailored shirts, jackets, jackets, trousers, casual wear and even custom-made shoes. Everything is made by hand. Although the items we make is timeless, Amir always inspires you with the latest trends.

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We understand that you might have questions, especially when you want to have a tailored suit made for the first time. Below you can read some frequently asked questions. Is your question not listed? We would of course like to hear from you

Of course, you can choose between a 2-piece suit or a 3-piece suit including a waistcoat.

A 2-piece suit for men consists of a jacket and trouser. The addition of a 3-piece suit is the waistcoat, which gives the suit a more formal look. For a formal occasion or when making a custom wedding suit, the addition of a waistcoat is desirable. For casual suits, a men's two-piece suit is a common choice. Of course, you can wear a three-piece suit without a waistcoat as a two-piece suit. You then choose to wear the waistcoat when you have a more formal occasion.

Since we will make your suit completely according to your sizes and wishes, you can choose from numerous fabrics which are woven by the best weavers in Italy & England. The fabric should suit the occasion and the season. It is better to choose a different fabric for a summer suit than for a winter or 4-season suit. When looking for summer suits for men, the linen suit is often the first thing that comes to people's mind. However, linen is not always the best fabric for a suit as it generally wrinkles quickly. Wool - or a combination with wool - is, for example, also an ideal fabric for a suit during spring and summer. Don't worry; Amir will advise you on all available fabrics.

For the winter, a thicker wool suit or tailored suit made of cashmere (mix) fabric may be the right choice. When designing the suit, we look at the style and the wearing comfort. In addition to the choice of the fabric of the suit there is also the choice of the fabric for the inner lining. During your first meeting, Amir can already show you all our fabrics so that you can make your choice.

The cost of a tailored suit varies. This has to do with the choice of fabric and the associated details. However, with the right choices, a tailored suit is not always more expensive than a ready-to-wear suit. While a tailored suit always fits perfectly and therefore looks more luxurious and beautiful. Certainly, for a wedding or when you need a suit for another special occasion, having it tailor made is the best choice.

Apart from the fit and the fabric, it is very important to look at the used construction of the suit. That doesn't mean much to many, but that forms the basis of how the suit fits and feels around your body. All our suits have a full canvas construction, which means that inside the jacket, from top to bottom, a canvas is sewn by hand. This ensures that the fabric is not glued from the inside. As a result, the fabric continues to breathe and continues to feel very comfortable over the years.

During a personal appointment, Amir can discuss your wishes with you and share the corresponding prices with you. The appointment is of course free of any charge and without any further obligation.

We can make tailored suits in all sizes. No worries about that. Taking larger sizes takes experience and specialization from both the designer and the tailor. When we make a suit for men in plus sizes, we pay close attention to ensure that the fit is well tailored. We can also make a wedding suit in all sizes, complemented with a tailored shirt and matching accessories. Contact us to discuss the possibilities and view examples.

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Amir, the designer of Ettemadis, wants to offer you an excellent service. That's why he works by appointment. Amir can then take all the time during the appointment to provide you with personal advice and answer your questions. You will be given a tour in our atelier and Amir can prepare the appointment based on your specific wishes. This appointment is of course completely non-binding and free of charge.

Please note: for questions or if you want to see our store, you can of course always walk in without an appointment.

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