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Please let us know what your wishes are. Based on your choices, we will make a personal selection for you. Amir will then contact you for free advice.

Tailor-made wedding suits

Your most important party ever! But what are you going to wear? Selecting and custom fitting a wedding suit is just as important to men as a wedding dress is to women. At Ettemadis, you will certainly find your perfect wedding suit. We are experts in stylish and exclusive tailor-made wedding suits. We are also happy to offer you further styling advice so that you can look your best at the most beautiful moment of your life.

Your best day ever

Our experienced tailors will help you with a suit that’s completely tailor made. Every combination of color, style or fabric is possible, all perfectly tailored to your personal preferences and measurements. Whether you’re going for a white, beige, black, green or blue wedding suit; or opt for a more casual suit; we will make sure you look your best on this big day. Of course we will take into account what you want to express on this special day and advise you on the latest trends of 2022.

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Wedding suits for men

Suits make the man, and that rings even more true for wedding suits. Let us help you with a stylish, high quality and tailor-made wedding suit, that fits comfortably and looks absolutely perfect. Feel free to tell us about your own ideas; we will help you step by step to put together the perfect outfit for your wedding day.

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Your first consultation

Your first consultation

A wedding suit has to reflect your personality. That’s why at Ettemadis there’s a lot of space for acquaintance, advice and consultation, so we can truly help you get the best fit. The most important thing to us is that the suit just feels good to you and that the process is completely carefree from start to finish.

Amir, the head designer behind Ettemadis, is happy to assist you with personal styling advice in an introductory meeting - free of any obligation. Although you are welcome in our store at the Noordeinde at any moment, Amir prefers to work by appointment so he can take his time to get to know you and provide proper guidance. We can also take your detailed measurements during this appointment.

Schedule your consultation on time

Are you getting married relatively soon and are you still in the exploratory phase for a wedding suit? Then we recommend that you schedule an appointment with Amir as soon as possible. It takes about three to six weeks to design and tailor-make our wedding suits for men. Just before the wedding, Amir will meet with you for a final fitting. You'll look at the finishing touches together and any final alterations that need to be done, to ensure that your wedding suit looks and fits perfectly.

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Ettemadis Wedding suits: Tailor-made for u with an eye for detail

We are happy to brainstorm with you about our part in the most beautiful day of your life. Together, we will go on a quest for the best and most beautiful fabrics and linings for your wedding suit. For our wedding suits and tuxedos, we use the finest and newest fabrics from Italy and England. Of course, we can also help your best man and other wedding guests with tailor-made suits. Whatever your needs are, we'll make sure you'll look unforgettable.

We will advise you on questions like:

✔ Which colors look good on you?

✔ Which style do you prefer?

✔ Where are you getting married?

✔ 3-piece or 2-piece suit?

✔ Which tie and shoes to wear?

Ettemadis Wedding suits: Tailor-made for u with an eye for detail
Complete your wedding look

Complete your wedding look

After you have a perfectly tailored suit made, it is time to zoom in on the details and look at accessories. A beautiful wedding suit naturally comes with a shirt that is both comfortable and well-fitting. We are happy to help you with a bespoke shirt that you can incorporate into your wardrobe as an exclusive piece after the big day. Quality, comfort and pleasure of wearing are central to the design of both our wedding suits and accessories. The next choice will be between a tie or a bow. Looking for shoes? We can help you with that as well. We will talk you through every possible detail and are only satisfied when you are.

Amir Etemadi

If you’re looking for a beautiful and elegant wedding suit, Amir Etemadi is the person to make it happen. Amir's motivation is to seamlessly match a wedding suit to the personality and preferences of the customer. Amir's friendliness, professionalism and eye for detail make each wedding suit unique. He guides you through the entire process, from establishing your personal wishes and taste, to designing the wedding suit and advice on color combinations, the fit and fabrics.

Amir only advises the latest fabrics from renowned Italian and English mills such as:

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Amir Etemadi

Want to buy a custom wedding suit? Make an appointment

Are you thinking about buying a tailor-made wedding suit from us? Feel free to visit our store on the Noordeinde in The Hague, where Amir leads a team of passionate and experienced expert tailors who work every day on the most beautiful wedding suits. If you would like us to really take the time for you, we recommend that you schedule an appointment. Amir is happy to advise you on wedding suits and tuxedos because we know how important it is to shine on your wedding day.
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