How does it work?

  1. APPOINTMENT We work by appointment (or chance…). So please make contact with us and we will organize a consultation without any obliation. You are also welcome if only information is needed.
  2. FIRST FITTING Fittings take about an hour +. We guide you through all the decisions that go into making your garments and then we conduct the initial fitting.
  3. SECOND FITTING During the cut our master tailor will decide if a second fitting is needed. If so in about 3 weeks time your suit or shirt will be made partly and we contact you for a second fitting.
  4. LAST FITTING In about 4 weeks time* your suit or shirt is delivered and we contact you for a final fitting. If there are any alterations we have these done within a week.
  5. FROM THERE AND FUTURE ORDER. We then have your pattern and re-ordering is straightforward. Making changes to your pattern is possible and easy for us.

NOTE *For urgent contexts it is possible to have your suit or shirt ready in 1 week.

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All our suits are made with a completely loose floating interior and are stitched by hand. This results in a natural and comfortable sitting suit. The interior – called Canvas – is made of different materials such as horse hair, cotton, linen and other natural materials. This canvas is attached to the fabric by means of stitching (no plaque).

This traditional method is essential for a comfortable and natural sitting suit. This technique and performance allows the fabric to breathe well, maintain and show it’s natural appearance and fall (called drape).

For our suits, jackets, trousers and other luxury clothing we work together with international fabric partners ; Loro Piana, Ariston Napoli, Holland & Sherry, Vital Barberis Canonico and Caccioppoli.


For our shirts we use only the best Egyptian cotton made in Italy and Switzerland.

That is the base for a fine and strong shirt that, after many washings, keeps it’s beautiful color and texture. In our selection we recommend fabrics that do not wear out fast

All our shirts are cut by hand and finished by hand. This results in an unrivaled fit. To give the shirt a luxury look and a comfortable wear we have a selection of Mother of Pearl buttons to complete your shirt with.


Nothing is better than wearing clothes that fit well. Especially in the morning. No short or long sleeves or a collar that just does not close well. A proper fit ensures the necessary appearance, self-confidence and on what has to be done during the day.

We believe it contributes to the quality of life. Just like a good and healthy breakfast. Take care of it in the morning and forget about it during the day. We have dressed the man for three generations. It’s in our genes and we life for it.

Gaining knowledge for three generations we know, as no other, about a correct fit, quality of fabrics and details that matter and should be considered.



Do you also make wedding clothes? Yes!

We are happy to help you for the most beautiful day of your life. Please have a look or our Wedding page for more information.


Our tailored suits start at €960