• For us tailoring is more than a suit or shirt. It is our devotion to high standard quality and craftsmanship. For three generations we have been spending our time between patterns, cutting tables and bundles of fabrics, designing and creating fine tailored garments for men around the world. We help men dress better. It is our passion and what gets us up in the morning.

  • We like to go beyond shared definitions and stereotypical clichés. Passionate,
    sophisticated, eclectic and elegant, style for us matters. Dynamic, classic,
    contemporary, and ever-changing, we are always searching for personal style.
    We believe in uniqueness and that clothing is the natural representation of

  • Our venture starts in 1952, Teheran. The family passionate and devoted about chic elegance and tailoring, The first generation opens the first Ettemadis atelier and founds the bespoke tailoring company. Today - , the family is still pursuing a single aim: the commitment to quality and traditional craftsmanship. Using knowledge and experience gained from three generations, Amir Etemadi, the 3th generation of the family, is offering this passion and craftsmanship to the world most discerning men.

    About Amir