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Personal fitting

Amir looks forward meeting you. He will show you and tell everything about his craft without any obligation.


Amir wants to offer you excellent service. That is why he works by appointment. By doing this, Amir can give you his full attention. Not only to show you everything and tell you about his profession, but also to get to know you better. After this, and only if you want to, Amir will take your sizes. Therefore it’s also possible to just have a consultation. Free of charge.

Yes! A fitting/consultation session is completely free of charge. There is no cost in answering all your questions, finding the perfect fit and advising on what suits your preferences the best.

A meeting with Amir will take approximately one hour. When he has your sizes this will propably be less. Nevertheless Amir adjusts his service to your wishes

First of all Amir want to get to know you. By knowing more about yourself this helps him in defining what suits your preferences the best. After measuring your sizes, you continue in choosing the perfect fabric and other design options, e.g. buttons & pocket style. A second final fitting guarantees a perfect end result. As Ettemadis strives for tailor made excellence Amir promise you to leave fully satisfied.

Het klaarmaken van uw bestelling duurt in totaal 3 tot 6 weken. Amir meldt zich natuurlijk tijdens het maakproces om met u een laatste pasafspraak in te plannen. Dankzij deze tweede pasafspraak zorgt Amir ervoor dat u altijd tevreden bent met het eindresultaat.

Yes! Amir adapt to you and your schedule as much as possible. Amir can visit a location of your choice for the first meeting or a follow-up appointment as well. Think of at your office or your home.

You can always reach out to Amir with any question you have before your ftting/consultation. To do so, simply send him a mail ( or call/Whatsapp him directly via +31 6 23 593 880