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Fashion & Tailoring Family

Ettemadis is a family owned luxury tailoring house located in The Hague. Day-to-day, the company is run by the fashion and tailoring family Etemadi.

Our mission

Our mission

Ettemadis believes that there is also room in the Netherlands for authentic bespoke tailoring houses. We bring Dutch craft together with the style advice and refinement of the southern European fashion tailors.

At Etemadis a team of expert tailors makes high-quality bespoke clothing. Throughout the year, customers from all over the world visit our shop and atelier to seek consultation from Amir. Our offer ranges from high-quality business clothing to smart casual wear and evening wear. We ensure that a man's wardrobe expands correctly and sustainably.

We design the garments ourselves. Our own in-house atelier forms the heart of our location on the Noordeinde. Here, customers can see our tailors at work.

To be able to dress our customers fully, we work closely with several Italian family businesses, each specialised in making a specific handmade garment. Think of the most beautiful chinos, coats, jeans and (formal) shoes; tailor-made for you and to your personal preferences.


Our adventure begins in 1952. Our first atelier opens in Tehran. Ettemadis tailoring house is a fact. To this day, our vision remains unchanged. The complete dedication to elegance and quality and the preservation and continuation of the tailoring craft through a blend of tradition and innovation.

Every day, Amir Etemadi - current face of Ettemadis - makes use of the many years of family knowledge and experience. With a fresh and contemporary perspective, he advises the world's most demanding and stylish men.


In Charge. Amir Etemadi

Amir Etemadi now has a career spanning 15 years as a personal tailor and style consultant to countless demanding and style-conscious men all over the world.

My Story

My Story

As a small child, I was already very intrigued by art in the broadest sense and what was going on in my father's clothing ateliers. Everything that happened there interested me immensely. I would always walk full of amazement past all the tailors who were working, observing how they made a garment from a piece of cloth.

I grew up with parents who are entrepreneurial and creative and who gave me a taste of tailoring, fashion and the pursuit of excellence at a young age. It’s only later that you realise the impact of those different insights and richness in taste that you are brought up with as a child.

After years of training on the job under the guidance and inspiration of my father - designer and master tailor - I decided in 2010 to entirely focus on the family business. I design the garments myself every time, cut all the patterns and lead a team of expert tailors. I am always the personal point of contact for my clients; both as a tailor and style consultant.

I advise my clients both intuitively and sensitively. I always search for the right balance between what is elegant and what will suit the customer. In doing so, I take tradition and innovation into account, but I also look at style and fashion. Always with the intention to make my customer feel happy and look amazing. Simplicity reigns supreme.

For me, making clothes and fashion consulting is not a profession, but a loving dedication.

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