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Bespoke tailoring for men

Ettemadis is a luxury tailoring and fashion house specialized in custom-made clothing for men. Located on Noordeinde in The Hague, craftsmanship and style come together harmoniously under one roof.

At Ettemadis, skilled tailors in the atelier, led by Amir Etemadi, create unique garments for demanding men. The focus is fully on the man from the moment he enters the door, with Amir Etemadi acting as a welcoming host, creating a relaxed atmosphere.

Ettemadis is an elegant atelier filled with fabrics and unique clothing pieces, where men can seek advice and get inspired.

We are proud to announce that the renowned Thomas Mason has recognized Etttemadis as the leading family-run tailoring house in The Netherlands.

Bespoke tailoring for men
Bespoke tailoring for men
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Craft and creativity

In a professional and friendly manner, we take you on a journey into the world of exceptionally high-quality and unique tailored menswear. Throughout the process of selecting fabrics, taking measurements, and bringing together the tailor-made garments, you are guided and advised by Amir Etemadi.

As we offer bespoke tailoring, we can fulfill all preferences regarding sizes, fabrics, colors, and designs. Together, we ensure that your personality is translated into a unique tailored outfit and that your wardrobe is complemented in the right and sustainable way.

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