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Bespoke tailoring for men

Tailoring House Ettemadis is a unique place where shop and atelier come together harmoniously under one roof.

Bespoke tailoring for men
Bespoke tailoring for men
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Craft and creativity

Real, authentic tailors work in the atelier under the guidance of master tailor Amir Etemadi on unique bespoke garments for men.

The man is the focal point from the moment he enters our store. As a host, it is up to Amir Etemadi to put him at ease in a relaxed atmosphere.

The store is a stylish living room filled with fabrics and unique items of clothing with which the man can be consulted and inspired.

In a professional and friendly way, the man is taken into the world of menswear and in particular bespoke tailored clothing. During the entire process of selecting fabrics, measuring and assembling the garments, the man is assisted and advised by Amir Etemadi.

Because we offer customisation, we can meet all demands and preferences regarding fabrics, colours and designs.

Together, we ensure that your personality is translated into a unique tailor-made outfit and that we expand your wardrobe in a correct and sustainable way.

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