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Craftsmanship in Tailored Clothing, Worn with Pride

Ettemadis is the leading family business in the Netherlands, specializing in high-quality tailored clothing for men. For 71 years now, the daily operations of the company are led by the Etemadi family, craftsmen in the fields of fashion and tailoring.

Where Dutch Craftsmanship Embraces Italian Style

Where Dutch Craftsmanship Embraces Italian Style

Ettemadis believes in authentic fashion houses in the Netherlands and combines Dutch craftsmanship with the style advice and refinement of South European tailors.

At Ettemadis, we have a team of expert tailors creating high-quality custom clothing. Clients from around the world visit our atelier for advice. We offer a variety of clothing, from business to smart casual and evening wear, to expand a man's wardrobe in a sustainable and stylish manner.

We design our own clothing, and our atelier is located on Noordeinde, where clients can witness our tailors at work. To fully outfit our clients, we collaborate closely with various Italian family businesses. Each specializes in crafting specific handmade garments, such as chinos, jackets, jeans, and (formal) custom shoes; tailored to personal preferences.

A Timeless Adventure in Elegance and Craftsmanship

Our adventure begins in 1952 when our first atelier opens its doors in Tehran, bringing Ettemadis to life. To this day, our vision remains unchanged: a complete dedication to elegance and quality, and the preservation and continuation of the tailoring craft through a blend of tradition and innovation.

Every day, Amir Etemadi, the current face of Ettemadis, draws upon the many years of family knowledge and experience. With a fresh and contemporary perspective, he advises the world's most discerning and stylish men.

A Timeless Adventure in Elegance and Craftsmanship

Amir Etemadi: 15 Years of Leadership

For 15 years, Amir Etemadi has been steering the ship at Ettemadis, passionately catering to the desires of discerning and fashion-forward men worldwide.

A Dedicated Journey in Creation and Fashion Advice

A Dedicated Journey in Creation and Fashion Advice

As a young child, I was deeply fascinated by art in all its forms and what unfolded in my father's workshops. Everything that happened there captivated me endlessly. With admiration, I walked alongside the tailors creating garments from fabric scraps.

Growing up with entrepreneurial and creative parents, I was introduced to tailoring, fashion, and the pursuit of excellence at a young age. Only later do you realize the impact of these insights and the richness of taste with which you're raised as a child.

After years of practical experience under the guidance and inspiration of my father, a designer and master tailor, I decided in 2009 to fully dedicate myself to the family business. I personally design all the clothing, create the patterns, and lead a team of experienced tailors. Serving as the personal point of contact for my clients, I act as both a tailor and style advisor.

My approach to advising my clients is intuitive and sensitive. I always seek the perfect balance between elegance and what suits the client best. Considering tradition and innovation, as well as style and fashion, my goal is to make my clients happy and look fantastic. Simplicity is central to this.

For me, creating clothing and offering fashion advice is more than a profession; it is a loving dedication.


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