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Global trunk shows, one-to-one service3

Ettemadis organizes global private one-to-one events for their clients.

To this day, Ettemadis' vision has remained unchanged. This is the complete commitment to elegance and quality and the continuation of tailoring through a blend of tradition and innovation.

With our trunk shows, we want to provide international excellence with the most exclusive tailor-made menswear for the refined and stylish gentleman; all over the world during private sessions for our clients.

*Due to the current war in Ukraine, Ettemadis will no longer be organizing Trunk Shows in Russia

Book your personal event

Book your personal event

Revolving our private trunk shows around the highest personal service for every customer possible, we make sure to add the highest possible value to your style and overall wardrobe.

A trunk show is fully focused on private one-to-one service. During your visit we will guide you completely through all our services and advise you on the perfect look, combining your preferences and our extensive knowledge.

While feeling all fabrics and discussing all options we will make sure to embrace all your ideas. Your master tailor will guide you one-to-one; making sure that your vision is translated into unique tailored items which expand your wardrobe in a correct and sustainable way.

After your order, all garments will be handcrafted by Ettemadis and ready for delivery within 4 to 6 weeks.

To request a personal appointment during a trunk show, please contact us via: info@ettemadis.com

Dates - trunk shows


Paris, France: 20 - 22 January
Monte Carlo, Monaco: 28 - 29 January
Madrid, Spain: 11 - 12 February
Rome, Italy: 19 - 20 March
Milan, Italy: 16 - 17 April
Dusseldorf, Germany: 26 - 27 May
Frankfurt, Germany: 28 May
Berlin, Germany: 31 May
Stockholm, Sweden: 20 - 22 July
Vienna, Austria: 16 - 16 July
Budapest, Hungary: 16 - 17 September
Prague, Czech: 21 - 22 September

Rest of the world

Dubai, UAE: 3 - 6 August
Abu Dhabi, UAE: 7 - 8 August
Singapore, Singapore: 8 - 10 June
Kigali, Rwanda: 20 - 21 October
Johannesburg, S-Africa: 23 - 25 October
Santiago, Chile: 20 - 23 December