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Your Full Canvas Suit

Tailored to your identity.

Endless Possibilities

Your Unique Tailored Suit.

At Ettemadis, we have one mission: to let your very best self-shine in a perfect tailored suit. No compromises, only extraordinary craftsmanship. Step into our world of endless possibilities, where we design your tailored suit entirely to your measurements and preferences. After all, a tailored suit should not only fit perfectly but also reflect your identity.

We personally guide you at every step of the process. Style advice, making decisions – you don't have to do anything alone.

Your Unique Tailored Suit.


Why Full Canvas?

Why Full Canvas?

At Ettemadis, we strive for perfection in every tailored suit, paying attention to fit, fabric quality, and construction method. For construction, we exclusively employ the full canvas technique.

Hand-stitching horsehair canvas to the interior of a tailoored suit not only ensures an excellent fit but also preserves the quality of the fabric without compromising its breathable properties. The loose canvas molds elegantly to your body, resulting in comfort and style without sagging.

At Ettemadis, we offer a wide selection of full canvas options, including thin and thick variants for various fabrics. With our premium materials and craftsmanship, we aim to enhance your clothing experience.

Our Ambassadors

Our Approach


Introduction: We take the time for a personal introduction. Your tailored suit must completely match your preferences & style.


Advice & Measuring: We advise you based on your wishes, measure you carefully and explore all fabrics and details together.


The First Fitting: After 5 to 7 weeks, we meet for the first fitting. We'll check everything and then put the finishing touches; your suit is almost ready.



A Perfect Result: Within a week after the first fitting, your tailored suit is ready for delivery. We now guarantee a perfect result.

Enter Our World

Enter the world of Ettemadis, where craftsmanship and style have converged for 71 years, right next to the beautiful Noordeinde Palace in The Hague. Our distinctive tailored menswear is infused with exclusivity, crafted with the finest fabrics from the heart of Italy and England. Here, we go beyond just crafting tailored suits; we create a complete, bespoke wardrobe, from shirts, jackets, and blazers to trousers, casual wear, and even custom-made shoes. Each piece is handcrafted, making it unique and unforgettable.

Enter Our World
Why Full Canvas?


5 to 7 weeks. During this period we will contact to schedule a first fitting appointment; ensuring a perfect final result. Getting married soon? Then we advise you to consider scheduling your first visit approximately three to two months before the wedding. 

An Ettemadis tailored suit is entirely designed and crafted based on your measurements, unique taste and personal preferences. Prices start at €1395,- and are offcourse determined by the chosen fabric, options and finishing details. Important to know: our suits are exclusively made with a full canvas construction. This offers you numerous benefits in terms of comfort, easthestics and durability.
Ettemadis only collaborate with the most renowned fabric houses worldwide, such as Loro Piana, Caccioppoli, and Zegna. Each season, they curate collections for you with the latest designs and weaves. Additionally, we are the only Master Ambassador in the Netherlands for the Italian Albini and Thomas Mason.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

The Very Best

No compromises, only true craftsmanship of the highest level. Step into our world of endless possibilities.

The Very Best The Very Best
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